When Should You Get Dental Implants in Nanaimo?

Dental implants are a relatively minor oral surgery, but they are still a kind of surgery, so deciding to get them is an important decision. If you’ve struggled with your smile or missing teeth for years, it may be time to get dental implants in Nanaimo.

Any dentist worth their salt will thoroughly assess you and walk you through the process of getting dental implants. To get you started, here are some questions to ask yourself if you’re ready.

Are My Missing Teeth Affecting My Life?

Dental implants are done when people are missing one or more teeth and their missing teeth affect their lives. Implants are titanium roots that get melded to your jawbone and serve as the non-slip base for your new teeth.

Since the surgery is intense and requires a few months of care, think carefully about why you want dental implants. For example, if your missing teeth are prominent or you have trouble speaking clearly, dental implants are right for you. If you’re just interested in beautification, another treatment such as teeth whitening in Nanaimo might be better.

Do You Have the Right Conditions for Implants to Succeed?

Dental implants in Nanaimo are a fairly demanding medical process so you need a few preconditions for them to work. You need to have a fully-grown, healthy jawbone, plenty of healthy bone tissue, and gum tissue. You also can’t do activities that will affect the healing process such as consuming tobacco.

A good dental clinic in Nanaimo such as Diver Lake Dental Clinic will assess you and help you get a healthy start to the implant process.