Why Oral Care in Butler, PA is Critical

Oral care in Butler PA is of great importance to a person’s overall health. The human body is very complex and all internal systems are connected. If one system begins to break down, the entire body is affected. The mouth contains different types of bacteria that can spread throughout the body and bring about additional issues. Furthermore, the use of certain medications, such as decongestants, can have a negative impact on oral health. For this reason, every person needs to schedule regular checkups to ensure the teeth and gums remain healthy. Otherwise, a person may notice they begin having difficulty with one of the following health conditions.

Facial Pain

When the teeth and gums aren’t cared for properly and dental issues arise, facial pain is always a concern. A toothache may interfere with a person’s normal activities and this pain can spread outside of the mouth. A bad molar, for example, may bring about ear pain. In addition, the person may end up losing one or more teeth when this type of pain is ignored, as the problem becomes so bad the tooth cannot be saved.

Cardiovascular Health

Bacterial infections in the mouth can spread to the heart and cause serious health problems. An infection of this type may lead to blocked arteries or certain heart diseases. In addition, a person is more at risk of having a stroke if he or she does not care for their oral health. In some cases, the bacteria and germs in the person’s mouth move through the bloodstream before attaching to the heart. When they do so, the inner lining of the heart may develop endocarditis, an infection of this lining.

These are only a few of the many problems a person may experience when they neglect their oral health. Others include premature birth, low birth weight, and digestive issues. Every person needs to brush and floss their teeth daily and schedule regular checkups with a dentist to detect problems early. If you are in need of a new provider for oral care in Butler PA, visit us. The team will be happy to sit down and discuss your oral health care needs and the best treatment plan for your situation.

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