Why You Need General Dentists in Baltimore, MD

For largely unfounded reasons, dentists have acquired something of a bad reputation. Many people learn when they’re children that they should be afraid of the dentist; others have legitimate fears. Having someone work on your mouth is not the most pleasant position to be in, but it’s much worse if you let the problem persist for too long. Oral health issues do not tend to resolve themselves. When you have tooth pain, bleeding gums, or any other minor issues, they probably are not going to get better without some professional intervention. Luckily, general dentists can help you avoid those problems altogether.

Routine Cleaning

Routine cleanings are the best way to avoid oral health problems. Dentists typically recommend you have your teeth cleaned every six months; they say you shouldn’t let it go for longer than a year. A good cleaning involves removing built up plaque and damage to your teeth. That plaque tends to harbor disease-causing agents and encourages the growth of damaging bacteria. General dentists in Baltimore, MD can keep your teeth clean and healthy so you don’t have escalating problems. Also, they can teach you how to keep your own teeth clean and problem-free.


In addition to keeping your teeth clean, general dentists can teach you how to perform daily routines for better dental health. It’s actually fairly simple. You should brush your teeth at least twice a day; you should also brush your teeth as quickly as possible after eating food. You should avoid going to sleep without brushing your teeth because bacteria tend to flourish overnight. You should also floss to dislodge any food or particles that might be stuck between your teeth. Your mouth has pretty good mechanisms for keeping bacteria at bay, but you need to make sure that there’s nothing lingering in your mouth to undermine these efforts.

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