A Career in a Dental Office

If you are looking for employment with a Salinas dentist, one of the positions they are usually looking to fill are dental assistants. The healthcare industry is one of the best fields you can go into these days. It is one of the fields that can almost guarantee you a job and it is a rapidly growing field as well. One benefit of being a dental assistant is that it does not require years of training.

As a Dental Assistant, You will Never be Bored

Every day you will be busy doing a wide variety of duties. You will escort patients to the exam rooms and see that they are comfortable and go over their medical records with them for the dentist. Dental instruments need to be cleaned and sterilized correctly and that would be your responsibility as well as taking x-rays asked for by the dentist.  You will also be assisting the dentist during patient procedures and their exams, plus maintaining their records.

You can choose to Work When You Want

Dental assistants can always have the choice to work flexible hours. Not all job opportunities are full time positions, you can work part time around the kids’ school schedule. If you work in a dentist office, you may be locked into set hours, but hospitals tend to be much more flexible.

There are Great Advancement Options

This is one of the things that draw people to this career. Of course you can have a wonderful lifelong job as a dental assistant or you can use this as a stepping stone. You could work as an assistant for a few years and then continue your education and become a hygienist, which can double your income. Visit Wynn Dental Care’s website and check out their career tab. You never know how quickly your life can change.