Exploring Opportunities For Tooth Replacement In Indianapolis, IN

In Indiana, dental patients may face the need to replace teeth that have been extracted. When they lose a significant amount of their teeth, they need a clear solution. A local dentist could provide tooth replacement in Indianapolis IN for these patients.

Dental Implantation Surgery

Dental implantation surgery provides a permanent solution to missing teeth. The dentist gauges the strength of the jawbone. If it isn’t viable for an implant, the dentist must perform a bone graft. Once the bone graft has healed, the dentist installs the titanium root into the tooth socket. It is secured into the jawbone. The dentist provides a partial bridge to over the gums and allow them to heal completely.

The last step is to connect the implant tooth to the root. An abutment is used to connect the implant to the root. The dentist may use a professional-grade adhesive to secure the implant tooth. Once they are in place, the dental implant could last throughout the patient’s lifetime.

Permanent Bridges for Replacement

A permanent bridge is used to replace section of teeth. These installations are connected with two crowns. Each crown is placed the end of each section of the bridge. The crown is installed after the tooth is ground into a cone shape. The mid-section of the bridge is bonded to the gum line. The bridge can last for many years with proper care and maintenance.

Should You Consider Dentures?

Dentures are a viable option for replacing all the teeth. They are created from a mold of the patient’s gums. The teeth are created to look like the patient’s natural teeth. The dentist fits the patient for the dentures after the gums have healed. The dentures fit inside the mouth and are secured with adhesive.

In Indiana, dental patients need help after their teeth are extracted. A local dentist provides them with help by offering replacement options for the missing teeth. These installations include dental implants, bridges, and dentures. The dentist provides the patient with information about each option. Patients who need Tooth Replacement in Indianapolis IN should contact Moore Dentistry, Inc. to schedule an appointment today.