Advanced Cosmetic Dentistry Toronto

People want a white smile with straight teeth, and they do not want to have to wait for it. Traditional metal braces, that can take up to three or four years, have been replaced by clear molded trays that take one year to eighteen months to get the job done. The quicker option is not appropriate for all situations, but it can be utilized in many cases. The demands of patients for fast, subtle, and cost-effective cosmetic procedures have led to innovative advances in Cosmetic Dentistry Toronto.

Professional teeth whitening treatments are faster, and produce whiter results, than they were a few short years ago. Some stain removing can even be completed with a laser. Dentists have to be specially certified to perform laser dentistry, and the technology is an investment, so not all dentists offer the option. It can also be used for gum treatments and other procedures. The results are a more comfortable procedure, done quickly with less cost than many traditional procedures.

People who do not to pay for, or wait for, veneers, have an alternative in a “Snap on Smile”. This is a customized device that snaps in place over existing front teeth. Teeth appear to be straighter, uniform, and bright. The smile can be removed from teeth regular brushing and flossing, rinsed clean, and snapped back in place. Veneers are custom made thin layers of ceramic, composite material, or porcelain that are bonded to teeth. They are permanent and result in perfect looking teeth. They can be used to cover small gaps, make teeth appear white and bright, and also alter appearance in size and shape of the original teeth.

Another advanced technology that can be applied to Cosmetic Dentistry Vacaville is called CEREC technology. This machine can create computer-assisted ceramic crowns in just one office visit. The dentist makes a digital impression of the tooth, or teeth, the crown is fabricated, and then it is bonded to the area. There is no waiting for the crown to be made in a dental laboratory, and no further appointments to schedule.

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