Frequently Asked Questions About Getting More Than Three Cosmetic Dental Implants in Florence

Patients are understandably nervous about receiving cosmetic dental implants in Florence. The process involves some scraping and frequent visits to the dentist over a course of a year. The benefits outweigh any frustration or inconvenience associated with receiving the implants. Patients feel far more confident, and they can actually chew their food without that overbearing pain that typically accompanied a big bite down.

What are some common questions asked about cosmetic dental implants in Florence when it involves more than one tooth?

How long is the process?

The total treatment averages between three months to six months. Patients should expect to add an additional month or two with every new task needed. For example, a simple extraction could require two visits (one for the removal, one for the implant). But, a patient may need two additional treatments. These are jaw surgery and bone grafting. The addition or either, or both, will add additional months to the treatment.

Can they replace dentures?

Of course, they can! Patients with dentures can receive implants from Jared M Smith DMD if they reach various health requirements. The doctor needs to review the mouth to see if it can accompany implants. The structure needs to be strong enough to support the implants, which may require grafting. But, not all patients are healthy enough to be able to receive the treatment. The gums need to be in good condition, among other considerations.

Is there a period between dentures and implants where one will be without teeth?

If implants replace dentures, and if the treatment procedure takes upwards of six months, is there a period of time where there will be no teeth present? The answer is no. once the implants are added, they can be supported by partials or cover dentures. There will not be a time where a doctor will request the removal of dentures (or a request not to wear them) before the implants are added.

With such a large procedure, it is fair to ask many questions. Technology has come a long way, and implants are just as strong as natural teeth. The procedure to receive the implants will often take one visit, even with multiple implants needed.

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