The Amazing Transformation Dental Implants in Eagan MN Delivers

Multiple missing teeth can cause problems with chewing, speaking and the appearance of it breaks down self-confidence. The issues absent teeth set upon life can be eliminated with Dental Implants in Eagan MN. Dental implants is a perfected and permanent solution to missing teeth. This is the number one choice for patients with tooth loss. The procedure for Dental Implants in Eagan MN is performed using metal posts that secure artificial teeth into the gum line. The posts are implanted into the tooth root where they’ll fuse to soft tissue over the course of several weeks. When the posts have become part of the patient’s oral makeup, artificial teeth are mounted to them. Patients walk out of the dental office with pearly white, straight teeth that look, feel and function as natural teeth do.

Porcelain veneers is a great way to revitalize the outer appearance of a smile. An overlay of tooth-colored materials is placed over natural teeth to cover up crooked teeth, fractures, stains, and gaps in teeth. Strong durable materials are sealed to the front portion of teeth to correct the most noticeable flaws in the smile. The dentist discusses the options patients have for the shape and size of their veneers. A computer simulation of the customized veneers is available at most dental practices. With proper oral care at home and routine dental visits, veneers can last for years before touch-up work is required.

When there is only one or two damaged or missing teeth, dental crowns at the Dakota Dental & Implant Center can fix it. Crowns are designed to replace a single tooth at a time. If the tooth is damaged but salvageable with a crown, it is fitted over the tooth. If the tooth is gone, it goes through a process similar to dental implants. Patients are pleased to know they are getting cosmetic and restorative treatment in one dental procedure. Those who are not prepared to pay the cost of their dental procedure up-front may be able to get special financing. Financing options offer flexible payment plans that allow patients to pay their balance over the course of six months to two years, depending on the agreement. Visit the website for additional information.

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