Reasons You Might Need Teeth Bonding in Marion, IA

There are many conditions in the mouth that can lead to specific treatments and teeth bonding in Marion, IA is one option that can treat a wide range of issues. Whether you are a young child, teenager, or adult, it is never too late to see results using this method and the right family dentist can ensure that all members of your family receive excellent care. Once you have your teeth in the correct position and looking amazing, it could thus be a good idea to consider porcelain veneers or a porcelain bridge to further improve your smile.

Chips or Cracks

Chipped or cracked teeth can be treated using teeth bonding to restore the teeth to their original shape and functionality. A facility such as Business Name is happy to help you work through your options and to determine whether you require only partial treatment or something more complex. Whether you damaged just one or a number of teeth, you can call at (319) 294-2323 request an appointment from a qualified representative happy to put you in touch with the dentist.

Reduce Gaps

When dealing with a gap in your teeth, one way to fill in the space is to consider teeth bonding, which is a procedure in which a dentist can add strong, functional surface area to the two teeth to reduce the gap between them. The most common area for a person to have a gap is between his or her two front upper teeth, where it is more likely for teeth to move apart. Bonding will reduce this gap and allow the smile to appear more complete than with other methods.


It could be that your teeth simply did not develop to the proper size inside your gums before descending and bonding can increase length. No matter what condition is bothering you and reducing your confidence when smiling, this is one option that will help you address it at a cost-effective price.

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