Benefits of Veneers

Your smile is an important part of you. It’s one of the first things you show strangers and something in almost every family picture and memory. You don’t have to hate your smile. If your unpleased with the aesthetic of your teeth, veneers could be a good fix. Here are some of the benefits of veneers.

Whiter Teeth

Your teeth might be permanently stained or naturally dark. Teeth can be resistant to whitening treatments, so you might have tried every whitening treatment with no success. Veneers can make even the most difficult of teeth look whiter because they’re not trying to alter the color of the tooth itself. Veneers sit over the teeth to present a white color.

Porcelain veneers resist stains from beverages such as coffee or red wine. That means that, over time, they remain whiter than natural teeth.


The average person can’t tell a veneer from a natural tooth. That means that no one has to know you have veneers unless you want them to. For the first time, you can enjoy natural-looking, perfect teeth.

Quicker Fix

Veneers in Downtown Chicago or any other city provide a quicker fix than other options, such as crowns. They require less alteration of your teeth than crowns to apply, so they can be applied faster and with less pain. If you have a small tooth gap or twist, a dentist can apply veneers with ease to make teeth look even and straight.

Confidence Boost

Veneers offer an improved smile with ease. After only two appointments, your whole smile can be whiter, straighter, and more even with veneers. For a cosmetic procedure, those are fast results. That means you can dazzle friends and family with your smile fast. Light up with the confidence of a smile you love. The boost in confidence reverberates through your life to improve your personal, romantic, and professional pursuits.

If you’re looking for veneers in Downtown Chicago, contact Pure Dental Spa.

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