What Constitutes General Dentistry in Lusby MD?

The days of general dentistry meaning x-rays, examinations, and cleaning are long gone. Patients can expect a lot more than those basic services from General Dentistry in Lusby MD today. Because technology has evolved quickly, it is now possible for dentists to perform many more procedures, and address more dental issues, in a general office. Straightening teeth used to require an orthodontist to apply metal braces, wires, and elastics for two to three years. Invisalign clear molded trays makes it possible for a family dentist to make impressions, send them off to a laboratory, and fit them to patients. That process is easier, faster, and less expensive.

Intraoral cameras and panoramic digital x-rays allow dentists to notice minute signs of decay or misalignment and begin treatment immediately. Filling cavities with no drilling can be done, crowns can be fabricated right in the office in about an hour, and less invasive mini-implants are available to save time and decrease pain when replacing a missing tooth. The root canal procedure has been modified for better success, and a new computerized Novocaine delivery system is available to decrease patient anxiety and eliminate unnecessary numbness of the face. General Dentistry in Lusby MD, depending on the office selected, entails preventative, cosmetic, restorative, and routine procedures in one location for the convenience of patients. Cancer screenings, bridges and dentures, and sleep apnea appliances are also offered.

Experienced dentists, such as Business Name, know the importance of keeping up with modern technology. They participate in furthering their education to learn new techniques and get certified to use new equipment. Investing in the latest technology increases the comfort of patients, efficiency, and the services that can be offered. Patients can have most dental needs met at the same office. That translates into satisfied loyal patients, the ability to attract new patients, and higher retention of support staff. Patients are less anxious because they are familiar with the dentist so they are less likely to hesitate making appointments. Cleaning is done on time, examinations are scheduled annually, and patients enjoy better oral health when more procedures are available at the general dentist office.