Best Tips for Finding a Great Gay Friendly Dentist in Boystown

A dental visit should be about your health and never involve homophobia or microagressions of any kind. People deserve professional oral health care in an LGBTQ-friendly office. Here are some tips for finding a gay friendly dentist in Boystown.

Knowledge of LGBTQ Oral Health

Patients need to be clear about their oral health concerns. LGBTQ-affirming dental practices are equipped to address signs and symptoms of oral health problems that affect the LGBTQ community. They do so in a manner that’s positive and accepting.

LGBTQ-Friendly Intake Forms

Intake forms can be frustrating and confusing for people when gender and sexual orientation questions don’t represent the patient. Gay-friendly offices often have intake forms that ask the following questions:

  • What pronouns should the dentist and staff use?
  • What is the patient’s gender identity?

These questions make all patients feel at ease and not judged. It creates a safe and welcoming environment.

HIV Awareness

A gay friendly dentist in Boystown will be HIV aware and not create an awkward or judgmental situation for the patient. People who visit LGBTQ-affirming dental practices will be far less likely to run into discrimination or hysteria. The dental staff knows that HIV-infected patients deserve the same level of oral healthcare as non-infected individuals and make their HIV-infected patients feel well take care of.

Everyone should have access to exceptional oral healthcare. It’s a part of an individual’s overall health and wellness plan. To schedule an appointment with a LGBTQ-affirming dentist, contact Northhalstead Dental Spa.