What Kinds of Services Can a Patient Expect from a Dentist in Butler, PA.?

Patients in the Butler area can expect a variety of services from their dentist. Examples include TMJ treatments, corrective jaw surgery, dental implants, and wisdom tooth extraction.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Cause So Many Problems?
Wisdom teeth, more formally known as third molars, are the last teeth to appear. They typically erupt when someone is in their late teens or early 20s. Unfortunately, there is not always room for them, so they often become impacted. A wisdom tooth that can’t fully appear is difficult to clean, can’t function properly, and may even damage other teeth. A dentist in Butler, PA will extract it.

What Is Orthognathic Surgery?
Orthognathic means “straight jaw” in Greek, and it describes corrective jaw surgery. Such surgery can be done to repair jaws damaged by injury, and it can reshape jaws in patients who have bites that damage their teeth and impair their ability to chew properly.

How Should Someone Prepare for Surgery?
Since surgery always involves the use of anesthesia, the patient should arrange to have somebody drive them to and from the clinic. While they should continue taking any medications, the patient should not eat or drink anything for six hours before the surgery. The patient should wear short sleeves and loose clothing so the surgeon can monitor IV sites.

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