Change Your Smile with Porcelain Veneers in DC

Many people wonder whether or not they should get veneers, especially if they have teeth that are chipped or feature gaps. These thin pieces of porcelain are used to restore a natural look to a less-than-perfect smile. They also offer a type of resilience and strength that is very similar to the enamel of natural teeth.

Talk to Your Dentist about Your Concerns

Therefore, visiting a dentist who specializes in placing porcelain veneers in DC is the first step that you need to take to see if they are right for you. He or she can also discuss alternative cosmetic solutions, depending on your dental profile. In order to come to a decision about the treatment, you need to spend some time expressing what cosmetic enhancement you wish to make.

Although some people believe that porcelain veneers will give them perfect-looking teeth, each person’s smile is different. That is why this type of restoration must be researched first. Usually, a dentist makes a smile assessment to see what he or she needs to do to obtain a patient’s envisioned smile.

Cosmetic Imaging

Sometimes, providers who offer Washington, DC porcelain veneers produce a mock-up so that a patient can try on his or her new smile. That way, the patient can see if this type of procedure is what he or she is seeking. Cosmetic imaging often allows a patient to see the results of placing veneers ahead of time.

Porcelain veneers are ideal selections in situations in which the teeth are poorly shaped or colored. Veneers are also used for teeth that have bite-related difficulties. If a patient does not respond to tooth whitening, he or she may also opt for this type of cosmetic enhancement.

As opposed to crowns, porcelain veneers allow most of the natural teeth to remain intact. Therefore, only a very small part of the tooth needs to be altered in order to place a veneer. Dentists also recommend the restoration to repair overlaps or minor twists in the smile.

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