The Cosmetic and Medical Side of Modern Day Invisalign

A smile says more than words can express and so it is worth more than any amount of money. The state of your teeth can influence your smile in terms of how you smile and the frequency.  You do not have to hide your beautiful smile anymore due to the state of your teeth; modern day dentistry has solutions for all teeth problems. One of the solutions is invisalign, which is used to deal with crooked teeth, cross bites, underbites, gaped teeth, overcrowding, and wide spacing. Before a dentist advises you to get invisalign, he will analyze your teeth and history to determine whether you are a suitable candidate.

The Best Candidates for Invisalign

They are good for people whose teeth are not growing anymore. Anyone below 13 years old does not qualify for the procedure since their teeth are still changing. It is challenging to make accurate invisalign veneers for people whose teeth are still growing and they would not work for them. Invisalign requires care as you need to remove them before eating or drinking. You also need to make sure that you keep them on for the period advised by the dentist. If you find the care challenging for you, do not put them on as they will not be helpful to you.

Transformational Dental Change

The veneers are invisible so you can enjoy wearing them. The treatment prevents dental issues that could result in temporomandibular joint disorder, periodontal pockets and gum problems.  After the treatment period, you can enjoy a straighter and highly coveted spacing and symmetrical smile. Chicago Family Dental Care is a specialist in Invisalign treatments. They use current technology to provide spa like dental services at affordable prices in Chicago and Lakeview. Invisalign is a hundred times better than traditional braces. Like us on our facebook page.

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