Choosing Between Tooth Bonding and Dental Veneers in Del City OK

There’s no reason to live with damaged teeth, especially with so many dental clinics offering cosmetic dentistry to their patients. Both bonding and veneers are highly popular treatments. There are a few things to consider when choosing between tooth bonding and Dental Veneers in Del City OK.

Desired Results

Every patient has different goals in mind. If the patient is looking to correct a small chip or cover an unsightly gap, they may prefer the quick results achieved from dental bonding. This treatment is often suggested to patients who want to fix a minor flaw in their smile.

If the patient is looking to fix multiple teeth or has a tooth with significant damage, Dental Veneers in Del City OK may be the better choice. Veneers have a reputation for giving patients a movie-star smile. The process takes more than one appointment, but the results are more than impressive.

Location of Damage

Bonding is perfect for building up teeth that are too small or have minor chips. The hardened resin bonds to the treated tooth, where it essentially becomes part of the tooth structure. Dental bonding works well on the sides of teeth and on front teeth. Bonding is not recommended, however, on chewing surfaces.

Veneers are stronger than bonding, and they can be used to correct all teeth. Some patients even opt to have their entire smile treated with dental veneers. They are less likely to chip under pressure, and dentists often recommend veneers to repair larger chips and cracks.


Patients should stay within their budget when choosing a cosmetic procedure. Many people are drawn to dental bonding because of its low cost. Even though the price is lower than other procedures, the results are still beautiful. However, bonding only lasts for 4-8 years, on average.

Dental veneers have a much bigger impact on your wallet. Most clinics charge about $1,000 per tooth to place a veneer. The upside is that dental veneers often last for about 15 years. The cost should be heavily weighed before deciding between bonding and veneers.

Bonding and veneers are often used interchangeably. Be sure to speak with a dentist to learn which one is better for your situation. Visit the website to learn about other cosmetic dentistry procedures that may transform the look of your smile. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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