Three Reasons To Choose Dental Implants To Restore Your Smile

Dental implants are the gold standard for replacing lost teeth. Traditional bridges and dentures that are not supported by implants don’t stimulate the jawbone when individuals chew, so they do not help prevent jawbone deterioration. Implants act as artificial tooth roots, keeping the jawbone from deteriorating and helping to preserve the patient’s youthful facial shape.

1. Implants Help Prevent a Sagging Face

When a person does not have tooth roots or dental implants in their lower jaw, sagging cheek muscles let the skin droop. The saggy skin settles at the bottom of the face and eventually makes a face broader at the bottom and gives the person a perpetual frown. The appearance of a permanent frown may give the appearance of being unfriendly.

Dental Implants cannot erase wrinkles. However, they can help replace some of the vertical height that missing teeth took away. Implants from a dental implant dentist in Chicago are quite a bargain when you consider that they improve your ability to eat and provide a virtual face lift.

2. Implants Make Eating Pleasurable Again

Dental implants make eating more pleasurable. The implant absorbs the force of the bite in the same way a tooth root does, while dentures that rest on the gums force the gums to absorb the impact, which is uncomfortable. A dental implant dentist in Chicago will place the implant and then wait until it fuses with the jawbone before placing the crown, bridge or denture, which makes the implant replicate the feel of natural chewing.

3. Improved Self-Esteem

It’s impossible to overestimate the effect dental implants have on a patient’s self-esteem. In professional and social situations, an attractive, healthy smile is an asset. Dental implants give individuals the ability to smile broadly, laugh or kiss without worry that someone will notice their missing tooth.

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