Do You Need a Root Canal in Baltimore MD?

Root canals are dreaded procedures and for the most part, they have been given a bad reputation. Though they are invasive procedures, they rarely cause great amounts of pain. In some cases, this procedure is crucial for protecting the tooth from necrosis. Sometimes, root canals are needed because a patient is in constant pain and cannot find relief. Those in need of a Root Canal in Baltimore MD should consider reading on so they will know what to expect from the procedure.

When a patient needs a root canal, they will first need to be given the anesthetic to ensure they will not feel any pain as the dentist works on their teeth. The dentist will make sure the tooth is fully numb before beginning any work, so the procedure is a safe one. Using a special tool, the dentist will remove a small section of the tooth to create an opening. The opening allows the dentist to be able to access the inner portions of the tooth to remove the damaged pulp and nerves.

Removing the nerve can bring welcome pain relief when the pain has been ongoing and difficult to treat. Removing the diseased tissue stops the progression of damage so the tooth health can be protected. The tooth will be completely cleaned inside, so the canals are free of any diseased or infected tissue. At the end of the cleaning process, the tooth will be rinsed so it can be filled.

To finish the root canal procedure, the dentist will place a spongy material in the tooth. This material is called gutta-percha and is crucial for the stability of the tooth. Since it is spongy, it allows for contraction and expansion to occur for the normal function of the tooth. Since this material is not strong enough to allow for normal chewing, a sealant will be put in place.

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