The Advantages Of Visiting An Implant Dentist In Port St. Lucie

Florida dental patients could restore their smile through extraordinary measures. Among these brilliant opportunities are dental implants. These installations replace missing teeth with natural-looking alternatives. An Implant Dentist in Port St. Lucie provides local dental patients with these opportunities.

Examining the Gums and Jawbone

The dentist examines the gums and the jawbone to determine if additional steps are needed. The jawbone must provide adequate support for the implanted tooth. If adequate support isn’t available, the dentist must perform bone grafts to build up the jawbone. If possible, the dentist could line up the implant with the existing socket in the gum. They install the bone graft around the socket.

Starting the Implantation Process

The first step for the implantation is the installation of the titanium root. It is forced into the tooth socket securely. The healing process for this step could take up to a month or two. The dentist provides a temporary bridge to protect the installation. This prevents the root from becoming damaged. The dentist shows the patient how to set the bridge in place securely. It provides a temporary replacement for the teeth until the final steps are performed.

The Final Stage

The final step of the implantation process involves the installation of the tooth crown and abutment. The dentist uses the abutment to secure the tooth into place. Once this step is complete, the patient has a natural looking tooth to replace their original tooth.

What to Expect

The dental implants are long lasting and won’t become damaged easily. The dentist presents the patient with after care instructions and techniques for maintaining the implant. These options provide a more permanent opportunity for tooth replacement. They are created to look like the patient’s original teeth for the most natural appearance.

Florida dental patients acquire brilliant solutions for tooth loss. While dentists provide techniques for maintaining the teeth and gums, certain conditions could lead to tooth loss. These conditions could hinder the patient’s self-esteem and lead to issues. With implants, the dentist could restore the patient’s outlook. Patients who want to acquire Implant Dentist in Port St. Lucie should contact Aesthetic Dentistry of Stuart today.

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