External and Internal Teeth Whitening in Redlands CA

Knowing exactly what goes into Teeth Whitening in Redlands CA can mean the difference in what procedure you get. In fact, it can be the deciding factor on whether you even get your teeth whitened at all. There are very few general dentists that offer whitening services. Many dental professionals that perform teeth whitening procedures are listed as cosmetic dentists. They will offer either external or internal bleaching treatments.

External Bleaching

It is the most common treatment, performed on vital teeth (no root canals). It involves the application of substances on the outside of the tooth. The treatment produces better results is just one session in and uses either hot or cold light therapy (in most cases) along with a hydrogen peroxide solution. Then a home treatment with splints may be tailored for the patient to take home, depending on the needs of each patient. Steps in the external in-office bleaching consist of: Cleaning the gums, application of gel splint and placement, application of special light, gel removal.

In-office tooth whitening:


  • Whiter teeth

  • Controlled by professional

  • Minor or no side effects

  • Increased release and penetration of the gel

Internal Bleaching

This method is mainly performed on non-vital teeth (those that have already had dental work done: root canals, etc.). This is done by applying the product inside the tooth, supplementing the treatment with external bleaching. Typically a solution of carbamide peroxide is placed inside the pulp for a certain period of time, after which time the effect of clearance is achieved. You can only get this kind of treatment from a Teeth Whitening in Redlands CA professional. There are no home whitening kits on the market effective enough to whiten vital and non-vital teeth the same color.

Side effects of excessive tooth whitening

By abusing bleaching agents, whether it is through your dentist or at-home, you can cause histomorphological changes to your teeth, damage to the enamel matrix and serious problems to the interior of the tooth and the pulp. This means it will affect the nervous neurovascular bundle in the teeth. Finally, everything described can result in severe pain and a weakened tooth root. At this point you can call an Emergency Dentist, if needed.

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