General Information About Placement of Dental Implants in West Fargo ND

Dental Implants in West Fargo ND are advantageous because the rods fuse with the jawbone in a process medically known as osseointegration. That makes them virtually permanent and allows the rods to function like natural teeth roots.

Materials for Rods

Dental Implants in West Fargo ND are nearly always made of titanium or zirconia because the body won’t reject these materials. Patients who are allergic to titanium can have zirconia rods placed. This is rare, however.

The Typical Procedure

The typical procedure involves cutting into the gum tissue to place the rods, which is a form of surgery. Even if only one rod is placed, the mouth needs time to heal. The patient may be advised to only eat soft foods for several days. The upper rods and crowns won’t be placed until the lower rods have fused with the bone, but the patient can wear temporary teeth replacements so there are no gaps in the smile.

Risk Factors for Failure

Osseointegration is nearly always successful now. Dentists have learned the reasons why some patients are not good candidates because of the risk for implant failure. The main risk factor is smoking or chewing tobacco. Patients who refuse to quit before getting implants will have a hard time finding a dentist who will perform the procedure. Those who return to the habit after getting implants may end up with rods coming loose and having to be removed.

Gum Disease and Bone Loss

Gum disease must be healed before implants can be placed. Also, patients who have suffered a certain level of bone loss in the jaw may need grafting to build up the density. This can happen because of a history of smoking or because of age-related osteoporosis.

Restoring the Smile

Millions of people eventually lose all the teeth in at least one part of the jaw. Many others only lose one or two teeth, but the gap may be noticeable if the tooth was near the front. Implants placed at a clinic such as Valley Dental restore their smile and allow them to chew food normally. Browse our website to learn more about this particular clinic.