First Impressions Really Do Count

Say what you want, first impressions really do count. When you are first introduced to someone the first thing that is noticed and remembered is your smile. There is no one who does not want to make a good first impression; a good first impression is an important factor in your personal and professional dealings as well as a confidence booster. If you are unhappy with the impression you leave perhaps the problem is your teeth, if this is the case then you may be a candidate for braces in Downers Grove. The process of fitting and wearing braces is virtually painless and once the treatment has finished you can be assured of perfectly straight teeth which lead directly to a winning smile.

Very few people are born with the potential of having perfectly straight teeth and a perfect bite. The solution to bite, alignment and spacing issues is to be fitted with braces. Braces correct an overbite as well as an under bite, either of which can lead to eating and speech difficulties. Misaligned teeth not only look bad, they put the entire oral cavity including teeth, jaw and gums under undue stress which often results in splitting headaches.

Do not think for a moment that getting braces in Downers Grove is going to be painful, it is not. As the teeth are being moved there will be a slight sensation of pressure, but not pain. During the process, which can take a number of months, you will keep returning to the dentist’s office so that the braces can be adjusted, during these visits the dentist can make sure all is going as planned.

Every month or so the bands and wires are removed, the dentist can now see the progress. This is a great time to have the dental hygienist give your teeth a good cleaning as this can be difficult with the braces in place. Once the rubber bands and braces are refitted you are good to go until your nest appointment. This is when you will feel a sensation of pressure, the teeth are being moved. There is little in the way of discomfort and as you have more and more adjustments made the sensation becomes less.

When you first have braces in Downers Grove fitted, your mouth will feel full and awkward. This is to be expected but eventually you will become accustomed to them. Just keep thinking that once the process is completed you will come out of it with perfectly aligned teeth and an absolutely radiant smile.

If you are unhappy with your smile and you know that you have less than perfectly aligned teeth the solution is to have braces in Downers Grove fitted. You are invited to discuss your particular concerns with Dr. Neal LaRoia at Oakbrook Orthodontics. Visit them online at Follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

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