Improve Oral Health Using Tooth Implants in Florence

Dental disasters are much more common than most people think and one of the most devastating could be caries (cavities). These issues happen when the cleaning of the teeth fails. The exact problem may vary by patient, but it could be something as simple as missed brushing during the day. As the decay progresses and the cavity gets larger, the chance of a more serious repair grows. That is, the worse the problem gets, the more likely the patient is to need an advanced procedures like the root canal. Sadly, the most common way to treat really serious tooth problems is with extraction, but this leaves a gap between teeth that can create its own set of concerns. The solution for the latter may be Tooth Implants in Florence.

Tooth implants or dental implants are an artificial root system that holds a functional crown. To understand this idea a little better, keep in mind that a regular tooth requires a strong root to aid in biting or chewing. To get the same effect from Tooth Implants in Florence, the dentist will use an inert metal such as titanium or a material like plastic for this purpose. The root or stud is then surgically inserted into the jawbone and allowed to heal. After roughly six months, the stud should be secure enough to hold a crown. Up to this point, there may be a temporary crown protecting the stud, but the replacement should be porcelain or porcelain on steel.

While the main function of implants is to replace missing teeth, there is a problem when two or more teeth are missing from the same area. This can leave some fairly large gaps and inserting multiple roots could damage the jawbone. The solution is reasonably simple, use a bridge. By placing two anchors far enough apart, the dentist can secure the bridge with little movement. The same applies to dentures. This procedure requires at least four anchors for each plate, two in the front and two in the rear. The front anchors may need to be placed where the canines were because the front jawbone may be too thin to support them. Get additional info on Business name.

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