Why Invisalign Is A Good Choice

A great smile is something that we all want to have. Very few of us naturally have a straight smile. That is why more people are opting to get Invisalign in Wicker Park. There are several reasons you should get Invisalign.

Effective as Regular Braces

Many people think that because Invisalign is clear, it does not work as well as traditional braces. However, there are several dental problems that you can have corrected with Invisalign. Gaps, overbites, underbites and crowding are some of the problems that can be fixed with Invisalign.

Shorter Treatment Time

The problem that you have will determine how long you have to wear Invisalign. However, most people who wear Invisalign wear it for a shorter time than people who wear traditional braces. In fact, many people who wear Invisalign can complete their treatment in 18 months or less.

Eating Habits

People who wear traditional braces often have to adjust their eating habits. There are several things that they cannot eat. Candy, raw carrots and popcorn are some of the foods that people often have to avoid. There are no food restrictions with Invisalign because you can take it out.

Comfortable to Wear

You may experience some discomfort when you start to wear Invisalign. However, once you get used to Invisalign, wearing it will be comfortable. Invisalign applies gentle force.

Less Time in the Office

You will have to keep going back to the office to make sure that the treatment is working. However, if you wear Invisalign, then you will not have to go to the dentist as often.


The cost of Invisalign can vary. However, if you have insurance, then it may cover the cost of your treatment.

If you need Invisalign in Wicker Park, then you will need to contact East Village Dental Centre for an appointment.

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