Regaining Your Smile with Dental Implants in DC

Teeth are lost every single day, either due to gum disease, old age, an illness, or another issue. Few people do not care about missing teeth and a single lost tooth can cause a number of issues inside the mouth. Depending on the tooth, you may have trouble chewing or forming certain consonants when speaking. In addition, a missing tooth is simply jarring for some people to see and the attention it brings can make someone feel less confident smiling widely in public. The solution may be to consider dental implants as these permanent tooth replacements look, feel, and function in the exact same way your natural teeth do.


As previously mentioned, dental implants in DC are not dentures, which are adhered to the gums using a non-toxic glue. Instead, your dentist will surgically implant them into your jaw by screwing in a base and then attaching a crown fitted to exactly mimic the original tooth. DC dental implants are strong enough to handle eating hard foods, the downtime after surgery is short, and no one will even need to know that you have an implant unless you decide to tell him or her.


Dental implants allow you to retain your chewing abilities, particularly your ability to bite, grind, and crush. In addition, a full set of teeth is important for certain sounds needed for language and losing the wrong tooth may make it sound as if you have a lisp. By getting an implant, you ensure that your mouth maintains its full functionality without worrying about the frustration of dentures.

Dental surgeons have extensive expertise in this area and they perform thousands of implant surgeries each year. With this experience, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your smile is protected and that there are options to keep it complete. Adult humans have anywhere between 28 and 32 teeth, depending on whether they have wisdom teeth. By keeping that number intact, you give yourself the confidence to smile without hesitation.

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