The Dentists in Oyster Bay NY Can Stop Your Cavity From Progressing

The progression of a cavity can quickly cause a tooth to be destroyed, leading to necrosis. This can cause a person to lose their tooth and be left with an incomplete smile. Thankfully, there are methods that can be put in place to help a person overcome their cavity and stop the progression of damage. The Dentists in Oyster Bay NY can perform cavity treatments that can prove instrumental in saving a tooth from being lost.

Cavity treatments need to be carried out as soon as possible so a person can avoid tooth loss. This is why preventative care appointments are so important. At these appointments, the dentist can examine the teeth and take X-rays to determine how deep the cavity runs. If the decay is inside the root, the tooth will likely be unable to be saved. Finding the decay early can allow the tooth to be carefully treated before major damage occurs.

The Dentists in Oyster Bay NYwill work on the tooth by removing the decayed areas first. These areas need to be removed, so the tooth does not continue to be degraded. When the diseased tissue has been removed, the dentist will make the decision on which type of filling will need to be used to ensure the tooth is properly filled and made stable and strong.

Fillings can be made from gold, silver, amalgam, resin, composite, and porcelain. Many people choose porcelain, composite, or resin fillings because they look most natural and blend in well with the teeth for a more natural look. A filling can last as long as twelve years, depending on the type. It is important a person does not chew on hard candies or non-food items because these could break their filling or cause it to be dislodged.

If you are in need of cavity care, click here to contact the Locust Valley Dental Group. They will schedule you a consultation appointment so you can learn which type of treatment will best benefit the health of your tooth. Call them right away to schedule your appointment so your oral health can be protected. The sooner your cavity is repaired, the better the chances of full protection.

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