Four Tips to Prepare for Full Mouth Reconstruction in Austin TX

Having any type of procedure done can be a scary matter. Many often wonder what to expect during the procedure, as well as what things are needed beforehand. A Full Mouth Reconstruction in Austin TX is among the top of the list of scary procedures to get done. The process is lengthy and requires some careful considerations before proceeding. With these four tips in mind, the full mouth reconstruction will go as smoothly as possible.

Follow the Dentist’s Orders

The best tip is to simply follow the dentist’s orders. Each dentist has a list of rules and tips needed to follow for each procedure they do. With this list in mind, each patient will be as prepared as possible for their mouth reconstruction.

Do Not Expect Immediate Results

Often times, a full mouth reconstruction procedure is done over a period of time. There are multiple steps involved in the process. This means patients should not expect immediate results. Instead, they need to understand that the procedure will take weeks or longer to complete. It often requires multiple visits and appointments before the mouth is completely reconstructed as desired.

Hire a Driver

Before each procedure, most patients are placed under anesthesia. Because of this, it is important that the patient hires a driver, or at least has someone available, to take them home. They will be much too groggy to drive on their own.

Keep Ice on Hand

One of the best tips for preparing for any type of mouth surgery is to keep ice on hand. The mouth will typically swell and feel sore for at least a day or two after the procedure. Having ice available will ensure the patient can keep the swelling down, thus reducing the amount of pain felt.

Full Mouth Reconstruction in Austin TX is a serious matter that needs careful consideration beforehand. The process is long and can take weeks or longer to complete. With a driver available and ice on hand, patients will be able to safely make their way home after the surgery and keep the swelling down. Anne Lyon DDS is one possible dentist to perform this reconstructive procedure. She will provide a full list of orders to follow before and after.

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