Three Commonly Asked Questions About Oral Surgery In Beachwood, NJ

In addition to regular dental procedures such as cleanings, fillings, and crown placement, many individuals also have the need for oral surgery. Dentists perform oral surgery in Beachwood NJ for various reasons including wisdom teeth extraction and placement of dental implants. Read the commonly asked questions below to learn more information about oral surgery procedures.

Q.) Does an individual feel any pain during an oral surgery procedure?

A.) When patients have oral surgery, they don’t feel anything during the procedure because the dentist administers sedation prior to performing the surgery. After the sedative is out of an individual’s system, dental patients who have oral surgery often feel pain or soreness at the surgical site for several days after the procedure. Patients can take pain medication that’s available at a drugstore, or their dentist may recommend prescription medications.

Q.) Do dentists place stitches inside of a patient’s mouth during surgery?

A.) Some surgical procedures require the use of stitches after the surgery is complete. When dentists feel the need to use stitches, they most often use stitches that dissolve after a few days. This eliminates the need for the dentist to remove the stitches at a later date.

Q.) Do individuals have to follow any guidelines for the remainder of the day after having oral surgery?

A.) As soon as individuals return home following their surgery, they should get plenty of rest for the rest of the day. It’s also important for patients to eat and drink as much as they can because proper nutrition speeds up the healing process. Individuals will have to eat soft foods until some of the soreness goes away at the surgical site. Many patients find that eating several smaller meals throughout the day is better than trying to eat big meals. Individuals who have additional questions should discuss their concerns with a professional who specializes in Oral Surgery in Beachwood NJ.

Schedule an appointment with the experienced dentists at Century Dental if you need to have oral surgery. The knowledgeable and caring staff will put you at ease and make sure that you’re comfortable before, during, and after your oral procedure.

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