Three Things to Look for in a New Orthodontist

Going to the orthodontist doesn’t have to be a nerve-wracking experience. Not when you can find an orthodontist in the Chicago Loop who can offer spa-like, sedation, and premier patient service to everyone who comes in the door. If you think of the dentist as a particularly nasty chore then we have ways of making the experience better.

Sedation options

With multiple sedation options, you can have your experience tailored to your needs and the depth of the treatment that your situation calls for.

Oral-conscious sedation is often recommended for patients who feel anxiety, muscle cramps, and agitation when they sit in the dental chair. It has very few side effects. Inhalation-conscious sedation, or laughing gas, is a slightly more extreme form of sedation but most patients feel only giddiness or a tingling sensation and can drive themselves home after the procedure.

The strongest sedation method is intravenous-conscious sedation, which is administered by certified dental professionals. Usually, this is used for more invasive procedures such as wisdom teeth removals.

Spa-Like setting

Visiting an orthodontist in the Chicago Loop may not sound like as much fun as a day at a spa, but now it can. When you walk into the office you will be greeted by a calming atmosphere, something nice to drink, and a choice of aromatherapies, neck pillows, and soothing hand massages that will make going to the dentist fun again.

Professional service

Finally, there is nothing more reassuring than knowing that the team of professionals are highly qualified and look upon you as a member of their dental family. No two patients are ever exactly the same, and neither should their experiences be just alike.

When you need an orthodontist near the Chicago Loop, check out Pure Dental Spa.

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