Understanding Why You Need to See a Root Canal Specialist in Sylvania, Ohio

Finding out you need a root canal is never fun. There is a stigma behind root canals that often makes people nervous. These feelings are unjustified, however. Root canals are painless, common, and necessary. If you are referred to a Root Canal Specialist Sylvania Ohio, it’s because your dentist believes the only way to save your tooth is with a root canal. Once you understand why the procedure is necessary, it will be easier to mentally prepare for it.

Why a root canal?

When someone discovers they need a root canal, they want to know why the dentist can’t do anything else. Root canals are very different than typical fillings. For a simple cavity, the dentist uses a drill to remove the decay and fills the remaining hole with a special material. Cavities only affect the top layer of the tooth. If decay advances into the pulp and nerve chamber, however, the tooth will eventually become infected and die. This process is very painful. Once the nerve is inflamed, the only options are extraction or a root canal. Most patients prefer to save their tooth over having it pulled.

What happens during a root canal?

During the procedure, the Root Canal Specialist Sylvania Ohio, will begin by numbing the tooth. They will then open up the tooth using a dental drill. Instead of staying in the outermost layers of the tooth, the dentist must drill into the tooth’s roots. All of the infected pulp tissue will be removed. Using a special rubber material called gutta-percha, the dentist will fill the hollowed out roots. Once the tooth is completely disinfected, it will be sealed with a dental filling. Any pain the patient was experiencing before the root canal should cease following the procedure. Kozy Paul S DDS & Associates in Sylvania Ohio recommends covering the tooth with a permanent crown to reinforce it after the procedure.

If you need to see a Root Canal Specialist Sylvania Ohio, for an infected tooth, rest assured that the dentist will do everything possible to save the tooth. Root canals have a high success rate. Instead of losing a natural tooth, consider having a local dentist repair it with a root canal.

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