What Kinds of Services and Treatments Does an Orthodontist Provide?

An orthodontist in St. Augustine can provide a variety of treatments and appliances for straightening teeth. They will work with children, teenagers, and adults.

When Should A Child Have Their First Appointment with an Orthodontist?

Experts now recommend that a child have their first appointment when they are seven years old. By that age, their adult teeth will have started to grow in, and the orthodontist will be able to spot developing problems such as crowding. The orthodontist in St. Augustine will also be able to recommend a treatment plan.

What Kinds of Treatments Are Available?

An orthodontist in St. Augustine can provide many different treatments and appliances. They include Invisalign, full metal braces, and partial braces. The last is an appliance used on children, and it consists of brackets attached to the front teeth on the upper or lower jaw. Partial braces are used to correct problems like crossbites or crowding.

Treatment options for adults include lingual braces, Invisalign, and ceramic braces. Some bold adult patients may choose showy and bright gold braces. Patients of all ages will often need a retainer after having their braces removed.

What Are Lingual Braces?

Lingual braces are a variation of the traditional metal braces. Unlike other braces, lingual braces are placed on the backs of the teeth facing the tongue. They are thus hidden from view. Lingual braces are rarer than other types of braces because orthodontists have to undergo extra training to work with them. The patient will also have to be particularly diligent in keeping them clean.

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