What to Know About Teeth Implants in Apple Valley MN

Many people are not very familiar with Teeth Implants in Apple Valley MN because they are a newer type of dental technology. Only in the last couple of decades has the use of dental implants started to become more common. For most people in the past, traditional dentures were the solution for lost or missing teeth. While traditional dentures solved the issue by putting replacement teeth in the mouth, these dentures often had issues.

While dentures are removed every day for cleaning, dental implants are never removed. Traditional dentures often start to shift over time. In some cases, they need to be relined or rebased every several years, something that will not be necessary with dental implants. The dental implant is very much like the tooth that used to be in its place. It has its own root system made of a biocompatible metal like titanium. This root system will hold the dental implant in place just as the original roots kept the natural tooth in place. The replacement tooth in a dental implant is also made from biocompatible titanium in most cases.

Since the titanium dental implant tooth is silver in color, it is covered with a porcelain crown. This crown is matched to the color of the teeth on both sides of it. The size and shape of the dental implant are crafted specifically for the individual person. A dental implant will fit in the mouth perfectly because it is made only after a mouth mold has been taken. This allows the dental lab to create an almost exact replica of the natural tooth.

Care of dental implants is extremely simple for most patients. In fact, the dentist will usually advise the patient to treat the dental implant as if it was a natural tooth. This means brushing and flossing every day, and avoiding the types of foods that could crack teeth. For example, eating ice is not good for natural teeth, and it is similarly bad for the porcelain crown part of the dental implants. When considering Teeth Implants in Apple Valley MN, speak to the dentists at Dakota Dental & Implant Center.

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