What Type of Braces Are Right for You?

There are many types of braces that an orthodontist can provide for their patients. If you have crooked teeth and you want to start smiling brighter with straight teeth then it is time to make an appointment with a caring and compassionate orthodontist. They will evaluate your teeth and provide you with different options for braces that best fit your lifestyle and budget. If you need braces in Elmhurst, don’t hesitate call a local orthodontic office and make an appointment today.

Different Types of Braces that Are Offered Include the Following:

  *  Radiance Brackets
  *  Invisalign
  *  Wilckodontics
  *  Traditional Metal Braces
  *  Insignia
  *  Incognito

What to Expect When You Have Traditional Metal Dental Braces

Metal braces are traditional and are the type of braces that a lot of people think of when they consider getting braces. They are quite common and more comfortable now than ever before. Metal braces are made from a high-grade stainless steel that can straighten your teeth using brackets and arch wires. You can use colored rubber bands for a unique smile while you are having your teeth straightened. You can also try self-litigating dental braces that do not use rubber bands and tend to have less friction. Fewer appointments are necessary when you choose this type of metal braces.

Clear Ceramic Braces Make It Easier to Hide Them

If you are a professional or an older teen and want to hide that fact that you are sporting braces then you may want to try clear ceramic braces. This type of braces is less visible to the eye and not as easy to see as metal. Clear ceramic braces allow you to conceal that you are wearing braces for cosmetic reasons, but require more oral hygiene since they are larger than metal braces. They are used on upper teeth more so than lower teeth. You could also try clear aligners that are invisible acrylic trays that are comfortable and removable. You are able to eat and drink the foods you want while using them, and brushing and flossing are not a big hassle verses traditional metal braces. You will not experience any mouth abrasions during this type of treatment either.

Is There Such a Thing as Hidden Braces?

Absolutely! Lingual dental braces are actually hidden behind your teeth and are completely invisible when you talk and smile. They are 100% customizable to match the exact shape of your teeth. This option is perfect for actors and actresses, athletes, musicians, professionals and models.

Oakbrook Orthodontics offers expert care and braces for Elmhurst residents. Contact them today to make an appointment to learn more about braces.

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