When is it Time to See an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon, IL?

If a person is referred to an oral surgeon by their dentist, the initial reaction may be a mixture of fear and anxiety. However, there is no reason to fear this medical professional. Understanding a bit more about oral surgery and why it may be necessary can help anyone feel better about the situation.

What is Oral Surgery?

An oral surgeon will diagnose, treat, and provide surgery to help fix issues or injuries of a person’s hard or soft oral tissues, jaws, face, neck, and head. This type of surgery is recognized as a surgical specialty around the globe. In order for a person to become an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL, they must have a four-year graduate degree and complete a surgical residency program for a period of at least four years.

Reasons an Oral Surgeon May be Necessary

There are a number of reasons a person’s dentist may refer them to an Oral Surgeon in Mount Vernon IL. Some issues are quite common, such as the placement of dental implants or for the treatment of a cyst or tumor in the jaw. Oral surgeons can also treat reconstructive or cosmetic needs for patients. Some of the other reasons a person may be referred to an oral surgeon include:

  *       Treating obstructive sleep apnea

  *       Cancer that is present in the neck, jaw, or face

  *       Cleft palate and lip surgery

  *       Reconstructive surgery after an injury

  *       Misaligned jaw

  *       Issues with the wisdom teeth

Oral surgeons will evaluate a person’s case and then determine the best course of action. These doctors have been properly trained in all areas of surgery, including pain control, to ensure a patient does not feel uncomfortable before, during, or after the procedure.

When it comes to oral surgery, it is a good idea not to ignore a problem or a recommendation from a dentist. Most oral surgeons will have plenty of training and references to provide a patient with peace of mind that they are capable of doing the work that needs to be done. To learn more about oral surgeons, what they do, and why this may be necessary, take some time to Browse the site.

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