Why General Dentistry In Sparks, NV Is Vital To Your Health

In Nevada, patients discover more traditional opportunities to maintain their teeth and gums. These strategies are provided by patients with the fundamentals of proper oral care. A local dental professional provides these services through General Dentistry in Sparks NV today.

The Importance of Annual Checkups

Annual checkups are important as they allow dentists to locate issues. Patients may not experience symptoms of these conditions until the damage is more severe. During an annual examination, the dentist reviews the current condition of their teeth and gums. They also acquire new x-rays. This presents them with more detailed views of the patient’s teeth. The x-rays allow them to detect conditions that aren’t easy to identify.

Why All Patients Need Two Cleanings Each Year

Cleanings are also vital for all patients. The dental hygienist uses specialized tools to perform the cleanings. They allow the hygienist to perform a deeper cleaning. They remove debris that is stuck on the teeth and hiding adverse conditions. Upon discovery, the hygienist informs the dentist of these conditions. Earlier detection of these conditions reduces the impact they have on the teeth and gums.

Vital Dental Repairs

General dentists provide a wide variety of dental repairs. They begin with simple fillings. The dentist identifies the most effective repair option for each patient. Simple damage is repaired through fillings. However, if they are more extensive, the dentist may provide dental bonding to reconstruct the tooth. Select dentists may provide cosmetic services to correct damage as well.

Additional Services to Keep the Teeth and Gums Healthy

Fluoride treatments are needed for children. These treatments help them acquire stronger teeth. Children that don’t acquire enough of this mineral through their local water supply need these treatments. They prevent common issues such as discoloration and brittle teeth. Through these options, children have stronger adult teeth and fewer issues.

In Nevada, patients acquire important services through general dentistry. This area of dentistry provides the building blocks of proper oral care. They include cleanings, annual checkups, and vital repairs. These dentists also provide cosmetic services as needed. Patients who wish to schedule an appointment to acquire General Dentistry in Sparks NV should visit  for more information.

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